Ax 2012 Price Discount Agreement Journal

Click on > magazines > price/discount agreement newspapers for sales and marketing. The price/discount log displays the selling price of products for Z customers, but in the sales agreement (Sales & Marketing> All customers> Sell tab> agreement), it is displayed empty. Now we validate and publish the Journal, and then we create an order for a supplier in line 02 discount group to show how the discount goes Yes, I was able to make the multiple discount positions work – but now I`m trying to set up a trade agreement that lists the prices in currencies when an order is placed (so it doesn`t use the standard entry price in PIM). Here`s the deal – If I edit an existing row in Excel and then republish it in AX instead of updating the existing log row, a new row will be created. I`m trying to create an AX-time price/discount agreement log for a particular part number with volume price fractions. Pingback: Create a new table for maintaining | OrganicAX As you can see, I listed ABC as 104 (GPB) and ZYX as 130 (GPB). However, when I order, the costs do not change to reflect the price agreement: so the seller and the order are in USD (currency in the record), but you want her to go and get an independent currency trading agreement? I do not understand why. M. Rus) Choose a trade agreement (modified class type) Suppose your order is in GBP and the UOM item is everyone on the order, I recommend that you include your location and warehouse in the agreement, but this partly depends on the dimension group and whether prices are enabled (provided it is the same in AX2012, I have not checked), but your screenshot shows you a warning about the agreement that the active price dimensions are location and warehouse, and if they are not indicated in your agreement, but in the order, the requirement is not indicated in the agreement and therefore the price is not valid.

Click the New button to create a new log. Select Price Adjustment Log as the name. 1. To be able to use trade agreements at the purchase price, they must first be activated. They can be activated by navigating to sales and marketing, creating > > price/discount > activate the price/discount for the sale price, purchase and purchase > > configure the price/discount > activate the price/discount for purchase price agreements. 4. Trade agreements can be established in any group form mentioned above. The Trade Agreement button allows you to create trade agreements for any type of relationship. Order prices are in USD (taken from product information management). Our goal is to set up the price agreement in order to automatically change the price and currency to what is stipulated in the trade agreement (GBP) .. . .