Unifor Jazz Collective Agreement

Air Canada Express: As part of a capacity purchase agreement with Air Canada Canada using the Air Canada Express brand, Jazz, with a fleet of 116 Bombardier aircraft from the Canadian industry, provides services to and from lower density markets and higher density markets outside peak periods in North America. Local members of the Jazz Aviation L.P. Customer Service and Aircraft Services voted in favour of a new five-year collective agreement. The contract was approved at 77%. “After a long round of negotiations, I am pleased that our Jazz members voted in favour of this new agreement,” said Euila Leonard, local president in 2002. “I would like to pay tribute to the entire negotiating committee that has worked hard to bring an agreement to jazz membership, with considerable improvements and benefits. The agreement provides for an improvement in wages, pension contributions, an increase in benefits and an improvement in the rules for part-time work. The contractual terms apply retroactively from January 14, 2017 and expire on January 13, 2022. Members of the negotiating committee thanked all members for their support and, in particular, members who took the time to participate in the ratification meetings and learn more about the new collective agreement. Local 2002 represents 1,003 members on 44 yards across the country who work in customer service, ramps, towing crew, cargo planning, departure control, crew car driver and station operating controller. Air Canada (Montreal) announced today that the amended and expanded capacity purchase contract (CPA) with Chorus Aviation Inc., the parent company of Jazz Aviation LP (Halifax), has been concluded with all the conditions that are now met.

The agreement provides both parties with greater stability and a considerable reduction in costs through better direction of their interests. Air Canada estimates that the new agreement will generate a financial value of approximately $US 550 million over the next six years over the previous CPA, two-thirds of which will have benefits for network optimization. The remaining benefits are spread across several cost areas. Annual benefits in 2015 are expected to increase operating income by approximately $50 million, as Air Canada implements the new CPA and is increasing annually over the next five years.