Stamp Duty On Copyright License Agreement

… To prosecute several people in their affairs and to execute the agreement in their favor. However, the question of the actual nature of the agreement was whether it was a licensing agreement or a lease agreement. Your…, the contract would carry a stamp duty on a license deed under the stamp law. 24. In our opinion, the law that in the case of the new bus association stand Shop Owners Association… Article 5 of Schedule I-A of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 as a type of agreement is so that it is obliged to pay the stamp duty of the Rs.100/- (rupees hundred) only… … Licensing agreement with Industrial Investment Limited for a period of 33 months, i.e. from 1-3-2002 to 1-12-2004. This leave and licence contract was executed on 28.2.2002.

The petitioner paid… Rs. 1.60,000/- on the leave and licence contract at issue under section 36A, paragraph b), read by Section 36A, paragraph a) (ii) (d) of the Bombay Stamp Act Schedule-I, 1958 (abbreviated “the aforementioned law”). An invitation message was … accordingly, the 10% stamp duty is levied on the deposit, since the instrument in question has been interpreted as a rental contract and not as a holiday and licence contract and, therefore, also on the… Licensed parties are free to choose the basis for calculating royalties that correspond to their business requirements. The most common method is the expression of royalties as a percentage of revenue, other methods include: a person can create and design an improvement of an existing technology or a function that improves the use or functionality of the technology. The new invention may be the result of an idea of the use of the investigation period granted or may actually result from a modification of that period of investigation to produce an improvement. An “improvement” in IP licenses generally means an evolution in the field of licensed technology that improves usability, functionality, efficiency, performance or other features of the original IP.

A licensing agreement should clarify what is an improvement and who has such an improvement and all IPs that are in the same count. The licensing agreement must also provide for ip ownership if there is a common development. The assignment of the copyright must be done in writing and signed by the assignee or his duly accredited representative. Copyright consists of a different set of rights over the same work, which can be transferred either as a whole to a party or separately to different parts. For a valid license, the terms of the licence must be set not only in writing, but also in the form of a binding final document. A non-binding appointment sheet would not constitute a licensing agreement as concluded by the Delhi Supreme Court in 2009. … Courts. If it is a certified copy of the agreement/contract/instrument that contains the compromise clause, it should disclose the stamp duty paid on the original. Section 33…Law, unless the stamp duty and the sanction of the instrument are due, the court cannot act on the instrument, which means that it cannot act on the arbitration agreement itself,… 9.

With respect to the allegations raised, the following questions may arise: (i) If an arbitration agreement in an arbitration agreement is not registered (but mandatory…