Shelter To Shelter Transfer Agreement

I agree to practice veterinary treatment in order to evaluate all animals that have been transferred to me and to guarantee basic and necessary veterinary care. I agree to bear all costs related to veterinary care or basic livestock needs for the animals that have been transferred to me, unless the AACC has otherwise agreed in writing and waives any right to claim reimbursement of these costs and expenses from AACC or the emergency transfer team. I agree to abide by all federal, national or local laws applicable to the animals entrusted to me. I understand that there is no guarantee as to the behaviour or disposition of the animals that are transferred to me. Good written agreements ensure better relationships I agree to respond to all the medical or behavioral problems that animals pass on to me. This rescue partner authorizes the following individuals to enter into a transfer contract and remove the animals from the AACC facility on behalf of the organization. Peer-to-peer tutoring programs improve care and save lives AACC requested by Rescue Partners to submit references for the verification process. A reference from the veterinarian who looks after the animals of the organization and two references from shelters or other relief groups with which the organization sources animals or from which it sources. Enter the full contact information for the following references. Please also include the name and contact information of your local animal control provider. I agree to provide the animals that have been given to me with adequate food, clean water and physical exercise, sufficient to preserve the health and well-being of the animal.

Rescue partners are needed to join the Aurora Animal Care – Control Rescue team, to relieve overcrowding and allow the accommodation of animals whose current condition is not manageable in a shelter. Animals that will be donated to AACC Rescue Partners will be vaccinated with age-appropriate vaccines: depending on the animal currently available and available resources, additional medical services (Spay/Neuter, Microchipping, tests) may be available. Transportation aids may also be available. In order to join as a rescue partner of the AACC, each item must be completed on this form and the requested documents must be filed. I agree to surgically sterilize all animals that have been transferred to me before being adopted, if they are not already sterilized and if a veterinarian believes that sterilization is safe. Improve and increase acceptance – discover new ideas for adoption marketing, proven methods for transfer, inspiring stories of unlikely assumptions, resources to improve the adoption process, and more. Network linking shelters to critical resources Please note that all references are verified and statistical information about transferred animals may be requested. I agree to recover or recover any animals that I have made available for transfer within 24 hours of the transfer of the animal, unless otherwise agreed with AACC Rescue Transfer staff. I understand that the AACC and the rescue team do not give any explicit or tacit guarantees as to the health or strength of the transferred animals and that I take the animal “as it is”. Note: AACC rescue partners with an establishment, a shelter building or the use of boarding facilities must provide all of these facilities for on-site inspection by AACC or its authorized agents. I agree to submit a result report on the transferred animals at any time, as requested by the AACC. I agree to carefully review applicants for adoption to determine their suitability for the animals in my care and to rigorously evaluate potential care homes.

When introducing a rescue partnership with the AACC, I understand and agree on the following: Best practices for successful transportation programs I agree to waive any claims that I or my organization have or could have in the future against AACC or the team