Sample Of A Charter Party Agreement

(ii) TOPIA 2006 is not terminated pursuant to Clause IX of this agreement. (d) Where the Serbs require it, the owners ensure that the vessel`s tanks are under pressure to facilitate measurement and sampling or to be desecrated or released from gas to facilitate inspection. Any time taken for extortion, measurement, sampling and re-introducing of pressure, or for the ridge or subsequent release, inspection and time recovered, is understood for charterers. The owners ensure that they, the ship`s managers, captain and crew, are aware of the ethics and commercial policy of the charterers, as set out in BP`s Code of Conduct entitled “Our Integrity Obligation” (a copy of this obligation is available on and its application to third-party contractors. Owners undertake to ensure that, when fulfilling their obligations under this Charter, they, managers, the master and crew act and adhere to the principles set out in the BP Code of Conduct at all times. (i) the master must become familiar with and comply with all the rules, rules and recommendations established in all ship/transport reporting systems in service during the period of this Charter for the Crossing of the “Turkish Strait” and (b) (i) the charterers provide the owners and the master with their full contact information and, upon request, all other information necessary for owners to comply with the ISPS/MTSA code. To the extent that a sublease is authorized by the provisions of this Charter Party, charterers ensure that the contact information of all sub-charterers is also made available to the owners and the Master. In addition, the charterers ensure that all sub-charters to which they adhere during the period of this charter party contain the following provision: any party may cancel this Charter in the event of the outbreak of war or hostility between two or more of the following countries: the United States of America, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, France and the People`s Republic of China, which harms the trade of ships. Charterers may sublet the vessel, without prejudice to the respective rights and obligations of one of the parties under this Charter, provided that the charterers remain liable to the owners of the performance of that charter.