Professional Services Agreement Stark Law

(4) Paragraph c) (2) (ii) of this section does not prohibit the payment of compensation in the form of a productivity premium on the basis of services personally provided by the physician (or the physician`s family member). 1. Goods or services are available to enable the physician to participate in a community health information system, primarily used by the physician as part of the community health information system and are not made available to the physician to account for the volume or value of advice or other transactions generated by the physician; use of information. Get permission to use the practitioner`s name and business information in your businesses, including marketing and public relations. The obligations that were imposed after the end of the You can address some issues that may arise after termination, z.B. require the practitioner to issue records within a specified time frame; Participate in the provision of joint communication to patients in practice; and participate in any investigation or action relevant to the practitioner`s services. Consider confirming that termination of the contract automatically terminates the affiliation of the nearest medical staff or hospital privileges; this can avoid litigation if a problem practitioner wishes to continue to provide services in the institution after termination, or if you have an exclusive contract with a group that would exclude such conflicting privileges. (ii) paragraph 7, paragraph 7, point (i) of this section does not apply to the remuneration that a hospital, a qualified health centre or a rural health clinic makes available to a physician to compensate a non-medical physician for the provision of patient care, if – compliance with the legal provisions. As a general rule, it is appropriate to include a comprehensive provision confirming that the parties intend to comply with the agreement in order to comply with the relevant provisions; The contract is interpreted to ensure compliance; and any party may terminate the contract with denunciation if a party decides that the contract may expose it to state measures and that the parties are not in a position to amend the agreement to ensure compliance.