Wessex Water Build Over Agreement

You can apply for your construction contract online. You can also send us a paper or PDF application by email or mail. These requests should be sent to us by the following addresses: Many of our sewers are located on private property and are usually located on the front, back or side of a property. If you are planning a new home development or improvement project, it is important that you have the appropriate measures to protect our sewers and your new building. Due to the specialized nature and the often unforeseen complications that can result from working on listed buildings, we unfortunately cannot support the proposed works for a listed building and we advise you to contact an architect historical monument. The calculations are mandatory for all construction work and must be submitted with your construction claim. On your behalf, we are happy to receive a fee offer after the drawings have been completed, but any tax due for their benefits should be paid directly to the statistician himself. Please note that if your final design includes significant glazing (for example. B a glass-enclosed atrium roof) or a new construction object, an additional energy report may be required by the planning department and/or building control team to ensure that your project meets current sustainability requirements. We are happy to contact an energy company on your behalf for a fee offer, but any fee for their services should be paid directly by yourself.

We recently completed a review of our construction process above or near a sewer. Sewer.Buildover@wessexwater.co.uk FAO The Sewer Build Over Team, Developer Services, Wessex Water, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7WW If you have a party wall (wall shared with a nearby property), you must inform your neighbour and begin your signed agreement at least 2 months before construction. You need permission if you are building sewers or sewers, so it is important to determine if this problem will affect your work as quickly as possible. If you discover that your work involves construction through a public channel, you must obtain formal permission from Wessex Water. This is called Build Over Agreement and the application requires a standard rate of 325, which must be paid directly to Wessex Water. However, if your building is 3 metres from a small public sewer, six key criteria defined by Wessex Water must be met instead of making a formal application. Free heritage evidence may be requested by Wessex Water to provide an overview of known public sewers nearby, but it is important to note that not all public sewers are displayed and their position is approximate.