Turbosquid License Agreements

a. Property. Unless they retain all ownership, rights, titles and interests on and on services provided by TurboSquid, including the website and all Media products, under these conditions and in other agreements made available to you by TurboSquid, para. B example, for Stock Media products, TurboSquid products and Stock Media product owners. 9. You will notify TurboSquid if you are aware of unauthorized use of user-generated content by a natural or legal person or if you suspect using it before contacting that individual or legal person, either by contacting TurboSquid Support or by sending an email to agent@turbosquid.com. They agree to comply with the restricted arbitration rules provided by the licensing and model 3D license. i. unless you are expressly authorized, via an inline link, a frame or the forging of headers or URLs, or in some other way, the website is integrated for commercial purposes; “Stock Media Product” is a commercial product consisting of user-generated content and/or processed TurboSquid content, which is permitted in all TurboSquid operating lines that customers can use in their creations via the website or as stated in this agreement. 5.

You expect TurboSquid and its subsidiaries to Affiliates, shareholders, executives, directors, representatives, licensees, suppliers, alliance members, other partners, employees and representatives (“TurboSquid Parties”) are compensated for any claims or claims, including reasonable legal fees incurred by third parties as a result of your use of Stock Media products or creations. 2. Rights granted. For Stock Media products, TurboSquid grants you a non-exclusive, permanent, global right and license for copying, distribution, reproduction, adaptation, public advertising, public appearances, digital production, transmission, broadcasting, broadcasting, advertising, creating spin-off works and marketing Stock Media products under Creations in the uses authorized in this agreement. You can apply for permission for a use that is not part of this “New Use”) by writing use@turbosquid.com. TurboSquid has the right to authorize a new use if, in its unique judgment, TurboSquid finds that the new use is essentially similar to another use established in that contract, and authorizes the new use in writing. Yes, if you buy on behalf of your employer, a purchased license covers the entire business. Specifically, they can share the files with other employees of the company`s unit, their parent company and mostly related companies. You can do this by sending them directly to another employee by storing them in a connected file system or network database or in a similar and usual way in the industry.

Files must be properly protected from piracy – for example, they cannot be provided so that unauthorized people can access an unprotected web server or file-sharing service. So it`s Ford that`s the most important? As I am a primary modeler for the automobile, I wonder how many other brands of vehicles need a license? I wonder if the CGT would be able to provide us with a basic list of prohibited models only to allow us to comply with our agreements. TurboSquid License Grant. In all media that exist now or that can be introduced in the future, you grant TurboSquid the global right, irrevocable, fully paid and licensed to do the following: c.