Td Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card Cardholder Agreement

Hello Ricky the TD privilege card has 7 – I guess, the travel benefits already known – and an 8th added benefit in 200 units. Is there any information on what that benefit would be? Thank you for all the details regarding accommodation and car rentals booked with Aeroplan Travel Services, please visit In addition, you receive a Buddy Pass bonus wherever † Air Canada flies in North America, including Mexico and Hawaii, if you spend $3,000 or more in the first 4 months from the date the credit card account is opened. Please contact your Visa Infinite Privilege card issuer to request your full benefit disclosure guide. Whether it`s cash or travel points, lounge access benefits or troubleshooting benefits, there`s a credit card that`s right for you. Find him in less than two minutes. Visa Privilege Concierge is on demand to help you make the most of life if you use your card to travel and shop. Unfortunately, this card is no longer available on In addition to The Benefits of Air Canada, the card also offers a wide range of benefits through the Visa Infinite Privilege designation: with a premium credit card, the winning prices are quite normal. After all, the mid-range TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite already offers 1.5x Aeroplan points in the same categories – that`s only 1.25 times the pay rate for general purchases, which is higher on the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege. 5 Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card Primary Card Holder receives one (1) Annual Worldwide Companion Pass, after spending at least $25,000 on eligible net purchases (excluding returns and credits, cash advances, cash transfers, convenience fees, fees, interest and payments) charged in an account year-over at the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card (each consecutive 12-month period according to the cibcPlan Aeroplan Visa Privilege Card Date infinite).

The accompanying passport is deposited into the Aeroplan account up to 8-10 weeks after the account year. If you already have an Aeroplan number, make sure you specify your personal aeroplan number at Cibc for the link to your credit card, as linking another loyalty number can affect the airline`s performance. Aeroplan is a coalition loyalty-marketing program, which is understood and operated by Aeroplan Inc. Visit for the full Aeroplan program. Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are not responsible for the Aeroplan program. If your card shows you Visa Infinite Privilege, you already have access to hotel benefits, a free concierge, gourmet events and more. 21 Insurance coverage included in CIBC credit cards is underwritten by the Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada. You can use the insurer at 1-866-363-3338 Open your phone app. Canada and the U.S. or collect from elsewhere at 905-403-3338 Open your phone app. or visitING CIBC Benefits Insurance CARTs Opens a new window.

Different cards may have different covers. To find out which coverage is included with a given card and important information on access conditions, benefits, restrictions and exclusions, check the insurance certificates in your card package and visit the above agreements and insurance. Some policyholders require purchase, car rental, general transportation rates, accommodation and other travel expenses that must be charged by the card to activate insurance coverage (other conditions may also apply). The Car Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance (CLDI) is available for up to 48 days for rental cars with an EIA of up to CAD 85,000.