Road Franchise Agreement Qld

“It`s an important link between Ipswich and Logan and the Gold Coast and tolling leads to a lot of traffic on secondary roads. All of Brisbane`s toll roads are operated by Transurban Queensland. The Gateway and Logan and AirportlinkM7 highways are operated under long-term concession contracts with the state. CLEM7, Go Between Bridge and Legacy Way are operated under long-term agreements with the Brisbane City Council. In Queensland is linkt (formerly go via) the toll provider. To pay your toll, please contact Linkt at 13 33 31 or Motorists can use their account agreements with Linkt or another Australian toll service provider to pay for their toll road trips in Queensland. In 2011, the Queensland government transferred ownership of Queensland Motorways to the Defined Benefit Fund (a superannuation scheme for civil servants in Queensland), managed by the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC). Queensland Motorways is now working under a 40-year road deal with the state. [4] This transfer provided that the Queensland government would continue to own road and bridge infrastructure on the Gateway and Logan highways, while QIC would own the QML business and the highway toll. In addition, increases in tolls were limited to the increase in the consumer price index. [5] Queensland Motorways launched its toll stamp ,Govia (now Linkt) in 2009 to support the introduction of a toll system that has introduced an electronic toll system on its toll road network and other Australian roads. Transport and Main Roads manages the policy and legal framework for toll roads in Queensland, in accordance with the provisions of the Transportation Infrastructure Act 1994.

Queensland toll roads use free toll (electronic), which means there is no need to stop and pay the toll while using the road. Motorists are required to arrange tolls within 3 days of the journey. “Toll roads are inevitable, but we shouldn`t have them for more than 30 years.” But Cr Tully said the state government had enacted toll laws and that the highway was still a state-controlled road. The Toowoomba Mautstrasse bypass is owned by the Department of Transport and Major Roads with Transurban Queensland toll services. Queensland Motorways Limited Road Agreement (PDF, 4.05 MB) – Road Franchise Agreement between the State of Queensland and Queensland Motorways Limited, Gateway Bridge Company Limited and Logan Motorway Company Limited (franchised). A spokesperson for TMR said that a “40-year-old Road Franchise Agreement (RFA) for the Gateway and Logan Highways between the state and Queensland Motorways Limited (now Transurban) was closed on March 23, 2011, which ended in 2051.” Queensland Motorways Network Map (PDF, 2.84 MB) – The Gateway Motorway and Logan Motorway are toll roads operated by Transurban Queensland (formerly Queensland Motorways Limited) as part of a Road Franchise Agreement. On July 1, 2019, tolls, charges and charges for trips on Brisbane`s toll roads will increase in line with the Brisbane Consumer Price Index, while the AirportlinkM7 toll will remain unchanged until December 31, 2019. This annual adjustment is set for the Brisbane ICC for the duration of Transurban Queensland`s franchise agreement with the state government and concession agreements with Brisbane City Council.

Tolls for the Legacy Way were increased this year above the Brisbane Consumer Price Index as part of the agreement to fund the complete upgrade of the Inner City bypass for $60 million.