Refrigeration Maintenance Agreement

We have indicated that the condition of your refrigeration facilities affects the price of your refrigeration contract. Because well-maintained appliances last longer and operate more reliably, without failure. So the money you spend on preventative maintenance means you spend less to fix it. And longer lifespan reduces your total operating costs. A refrigeration service contract is provided for commercial maintenance and sometimes also for repairs for all appliances in your kitchen. They fall into these categories: In the meantime, it should be clear that a good refrigeration contract is not alone. Your contract must be tailored to your coverage needs, equipment and space. Learn more about how to get what you need with our free guide to preventative cooling maintenance contracts, how to find the right one for your catering service. FULL LABOR: In addition to maintenance, a full refrigeration service contract covers all necessary repairs. However, they are responsible for parts. This type of contract costs more than one that only covers maintenance. 1. number of equipment.

If you have a large kitchen or several sites with lots of refrigeration facilities, your refrigeration contract will be more expensive than one that covers only a few items. We also offer asset tagging services to provide our customers with an up-to-date and comprehensive list of all important components of cold and C. with parent-child relationships and specific equipment details. 9. Check the cooling hoses for vibration and visually check the system for signs of leakage. 6. Number of maintenance visits. For many restaurants and denbisses, a quarterly service call is enough to keep your equipment in order and avoid any problems. However, the conditions of your kitchen or more complex equipment may require more visits (meaning a higher price for your refrigeration contract). TIP: Don`t be tempted to cut down on visits to reduce costs.

Repairs to prevent you from saving yourself much more in the end! If you would like more information about Quality Refrigeration`s Minneapolis HVAC maintenance programs, please contact us. When necessary, the price of a refrigeration service contract for preventative maintenance is deducted from the time required for maintenance work, in deren times. Haines Air Conditioning – Refrigeration offers annual maintenance contracts and service contracts that will insure you all year round. Whether your system is 2 years or 10 years old, we can help you avoid unexpected repair bills by choosing a plan that`s right for you. When we first assume responsibility for service in a store or establishment, we “tagge” each of your device components installed using a barcode, then we collect the unique information of the device (example.B. model, type, series, age, if you know, etc.) in our manual devices, specifying them in our database.