Parking Garage Management Agreement

Tip: Always negotiate a turnover with a park manager in a lease agreement. This ensures that the owner of the property takes advantage of the success of the park operator to increase the annual turnover of the facility. The administrative fee is paid for the successful management of parking opportunities, with clear compliance with the operating clauses of the contract. The incentive fee provides both the owner and the operator with the opportunity to generate additional revenue. A number of factors play a key role in determining the “right” business relationship with a fleet operator, such as the daily temporary quota. B, the condition of parking facilities, parking permits for tenants and customer service. However, revenue forecasts relative to revenue stability remain the two main determinants for property owners in choosing between a management agreement or the leasing of parking operations. The management agreement should define the operator`s responsibility to propose improvements that strengthen the NOI and ensure compliance with operating and after-sales service requirements. These characteristics related to low administrative pricing often have a negative impact on the operator`s performance, so incentive fees cannot be obtained, depending on how they are calculated. The truth of the thing is best expressed by the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” If bids or PSRs are evaluated primarily on the basis of the operator proposing the reduction of the administrative fee, it is more likely that the owner will obtain a lower quality.

The operation of car parks and plots depends at least on it: there is no rhyme or reason for the restoration costs offered in the current market of the park. Owners often feel that they are too high, and operators often think that competition for administrative costs becomes an unrealistic struggle to pay the actual costs. The administration fee should include all costs for executives, executives and financial assistance off-site, as well as the amount of profits expected by the operator. Good standard operating procedures for each management and operations position; Dennis L. Cunning, CAPP, CEO of DLC Consulting, can be reached at