Ikano Bank Credit Agreement Login

If you apply for credit (either from Ikano Bank or other lenders), a credit search is conducted. Credit research helps lenders make informed and fair credit decisions. We use your data as described in our privacy statement, which is available under You can make a payment online on, by phone with a debit card, or we can give you the details of the bank account (if you want to transfer directly from your bank account). Call us on 0371 381 7051 A New Look Card is a credit account that you can issue in-store on New Look or online at Yes, you can terminate your credit contract with us within 14 days. Call us on 0371 781 3051. If you have used your account, you must pay it back in full within 30 days. The electronic signature of your contract is safe and eliminates the risk that paper documents will be lost in the mail or misplaced. It also means that if you are accepted, you can spend with your card account immediately. Stay away from treatment with Ikano, unless you are allowed to fund local funding at IKEA.

If it turns out that they need more information from you, it`s best to consider full payment and never have to manage it. The process is useless and will frustrate you every step:Step 1. You are invited to wait for a letter from Ikano to ask for more information. Our letter took 11 days to arrive and, when you open it, you are asked to send your documents to them within 14 days of the date the funding application was filed. It gave us three days. They also count on Sundays, even if the mail doesn`t work. Step two. You must obtain “original” bank statements, which means a trip to your bank and a copy of your driver`s license.

Step three. You will arrive at the post office and you will find that your documents do NOT fit in YOUR envelope that they have provided you “comfortably”. Step four. You will send the documents in a normal envelope anyway, knowing that this requires a signature, and you will have to repeat the process over and over again. When we contacted them on the phone to find out why the process doesn`t move, we found that:- they need an application reference number that you never received – they don`t let you know if they`ve received your documents or if you`ve been approved or not – all you`re asked to send is just for proof of the address. Obviously, this is useless for new owners, which is why you need IKEA funding in the first place.- In the end, the reason we refused funding is: our original statement of account only gives an initial where they want to see a full name. The person on the phone has gone on about how they want to be there for their customers and are in this store to help people, but none of this is obvious in the process of handling with them. TLDR: frustrating process and, ultimately, no need to apply for funding. Pay for your IKEA stuff in the store and stay away from Ikano. Terrible and horrible.

I tried to close my account in March… No adviser available because of the pandemic, just enough for me to call my number and details for them. No call. I`ve done it several times, still no calls. Finally, she received some replies to ikano Facebook Messenger in early November and told me that the account had been closed. A few days later I get a call, the account is not closed, but it will close and refund my last payment. It`s a good job. It`s not true! I still receive excerpts and the account is still active online…